What Yoga Taught Me about Teaching

Driven. Focused. Perfectionist. Words that I have always used to describe myself. Words that, at face value, probably connote positive feelings and an admirable work-ethic. I had a drive to succeed that meant I was going to be the best mother, the best wife, the best teacher, the best at everything I did. My home…

Let’s Get (YA) Lit(erature)!

Being a teenager can be pretty awful most of the time. I remember clearly the sense of loneliness, isolation, weirdness, and anxiety that came with learning to be me. Feeling as though my skin was too tight, or too itchy, too much. Whatever. I didn’t even know why it was uncomfortable most of the time….

Oh, Hello There!

Realizing as I plugged this blog at a recent conference that it would probably be good to actually have some new content to plug. Gulp! I blame my real life. It’s been busy. Good, but busy. Let me fill you in on all that’s transpired since January 1. January was a month of many new…

Burning Out or Up

An attempt to make sense of this new and uncomfortable feeling of teacher burnout. The struggle is real.

A Bit More Beautiful

I think before I get much further into writing this blog, perhaps we should take a moment to get real about why I became a teacher in the first place.